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Can Acts of Kindness Actually Increase Well-Being?

Make a difference, practice intentional kindness.

It seems to me that things that are going around in the world these days has profoundly impacted us all, with individuals full of hate, taking it out on others and themselves, people scared to do every day things due to senseless violence and devastating behavior. Even guilt tripping people who enjoy eating meat, or senselessly damaging our planet with selfish acts aren't really taking us anywhere really.

But we cannot allow fury turn into the wrong actions, we must be fueled by these emotions to make the change we want to see, turn hatred into love, and anger into compassion. This is a great time to celebrate all of the diversity and respect each other's differences. Acts of kindness are the best way to get out of lousy moods, lift your spirits and create good, anyone can make a difference.

Doing intentional acts of kindness is an awesome antidote to negative experiences. It can lift your emotional state and leave you feeling inspired. In addition, an act of kindness can truly make someone’s day.

'Studies have proven that kindness boosts our physical health and helps us to maintain a positive outlook on life. Kindness is often undervalued, but it actually promotes gratitude, empathy, compassion and leads to a sense of interconnectedness with other humans.' - Psychologist, Gabrielle McCorry

If you want to join in on this movement, I am sharing 21 acts of kindness and I hope to encourage you to consciously give back and spread good vibes as well.

1. Pay for someone’s coffee.

2. Send someone a lovely message full of kindness.

3. Help an elderly person with their groceries.

4. Give a stranger a compliment.

5. Pick up trash you see.

6. Give up your seat on the bus for a stranger. (even if they are able)

7. Send a thank-you note.

8. Give away gift cards you are not using.

9. Send a gratitude email to a coworker who deserves more recognition.

10. Offer to help someone with heavy bags.

11. Leave sticky notes with positive comments.

12. Hold the door open.

13. Offer to return a stranger’s grocery cart.

14. Say "Good morning" to the person next to you in the elevator, bus or line.

15. Offer to help out with your friends kids or someones pet.

16. Mow a neighbor’s lawn/shovel their side of the drive.

17. Support a local business.

18. Let someone know they made a difference in your life.

19. Hold the bus for someone.

20. Say thank you to the janitor or caretaker.

21. Smile at people.

These are just some ideas, reminders that they don’t have to be grand gestures.

One small act of kindness can have such a positive impact. You can set such a positive example by simply being compassionate, generous, and thoughtful.

We all probably think that we are the greatest and that we are already kind, but there will be days when you don't feel like being kind. The trick is to keep trying. The habit of implementing intentional acts of kindness into your day can make you feel better too.

So, let us try to do our part and help make the world a kinder place.


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