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Before We All Go Batshit Crazy

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to muster up motivation right now, or to have any sort of an attention span to accomplish things while your phone dings with endless notifications and (hopefully) your job and (possibly) your kids compete for scraps of your attention.

You might find that your ambitious quarantine to-do lists are going completely undone, mostly because everything feels strenuous at this moment due to a combination of overwhelm, grief, fear and whatever else there is.

Organizing the home, however, can bring a sense of calm to the chaos, which is very much needed right now. And since we can not control what is going on in the outside world, getting things organized is a way to control what is going on at home. But how?

Most people, when they think about organizing their home, feel so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to start and never get started.

I've listed 7 low-pressure projects/ home organization hacks to tackle today, tomorrow, or whenever that motivation kicks in. Set a timer for 15 minutes and do what you can in that short period of time.

1. Declutter your nightstand.

Do a clean sweep to clear mugs, magazines, hair ties and pins and give it a good wipe down.

2. Tidy up the fridge.

Remove anything that’s expired, gone bad, or gross, and then wipe things down.

3. Arrange your socks and underwear drawer.

Just because nobody can see it, there's no need to keep torn socks and dated undies in your drawers.

4. Clear out your medicine cabinet.

Take everything out and see what you can get rid of, recycle, or relocate.

5. Tackle the dreaded email inbox.

Unsubscribe from unnecessary marketing subscriptions and annoying emails.

6. Organize and delete unnecessary Apps from your phone.

Clearing stuff off your phone will not only make it easier to access apps you really use, it will give you a sense of relief after getting rid of things that are just clogging up your digital space.

7. Clean out your car.

Since we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it is a great time to clean out the backseat pockets, your trunk and the front console.

Before will all lose it, let's see if by doing a few small tasks can clean our environment and clear your minds. Decluttering does not have to be a major event, start with one project and go from there. Not all of these need to be tackled at once and you know you'll feel so much better after doing even just one thing.

Please add quick and easy tasks to the list either in the comments here or on Instagram, we could all need a little nudge and motivation.


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