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Before 2021

I want you to stop and think about something; something pretty big actually; something meaningful; your life. Now don't just think about what has been, the mistakes you might have made or the regrets you have. I want you to think of the idea of today, literally today, when you are reading this. Is it the best day of your life? Could it be better? Or maybe worse?

Now think about those small collective details that made this day; this day. The decisions you've made to be right here right now, most of us would have to go back so far we couldn't even point out where it all started but you know what, all of that is divine knowledge we should be using to feel great, feel safe, loved and happy.

Some of you might be thinking that as long as my children are happy, I'm happy. Or maybe it's your career, that title you want to achieve, once you get there you'll be good or maybe its a "I'm sorry" you're waiting for - Hunny I hate to break it to you but you might never get that, so before we move into 2021, I want you to ask yourself a few questions, prepare yourself for not only our future but your most important time in your life - the now, I mean the right now, right here!

So in order to move forward I find that asking some hard but simple questions might help guide you towards that super-duper-awesome-right-now.

These are questions that can help you (not find) but create the best you, you could ever be regardless of the odd year we've all had.

(Please feel free to actually sit down and scribble the answers on a piece of paper, like with an actual pen. And remember to be totally honest with yourself.)

Is there anything I am truly grateful for?

What is something I think is fun and creative?

Have I set the right boundaries?

Am I connecting with the people I love?

Am I distancing myself from toxic people to protect myself?

When was the last time I laughed? Did I make a silly joke? Did I try to make someone else laugh?

Do I let myself feel?

Have I help another soul in any way?

Have I been consuming mindful, helpful, and useful content?

Have I truly forgiven others, how about myself?

How am I sleeping? What are things I could do to sleep better?

Am I allowing negative and destructive thoughts roam freely?

Am I drinking enough water?

When was the last time I flossed?

When was the last time I paused, took a break and focus on my breathing?

Am I getting enough fresh air?

Have I given myself or others sincere compliments?

When was the last time I daydreamed, visualized my goals, or simply visit Neverland?

Have I listen to good music lately? Did I sing? Did I dance?

Have I been kind to myself and others?

Have I taught anyone anything? Did I encourage and support someone else?

When was the last time I step out of my comfort zone?

Am I using the lockdown, pandemic or any other excuses to block myself from what I truly want?

When was the last time I saw something beautiful? Did I smell something nice?

Where was I and who was I with the last time I was being silly?

Last but not least, have I let go of everything I cannot control?

Wow that was a full plate of a lot of things, but I tell ya' I hope you try and answer these questions for you.

I hope you revisit them, write them down and remind yourself of these because they are important and valuable. I don't want you to do it for me, or for anyone else but for your well-being, get to know yourself over and over again, never stop learning new things about yourself, and never stop creating small and large details that sum up the moments of your nows, that's where your feel good moments lie, that's where happiness, success and true love exist.

Now, go wear your favorite shirt you keep saving for that special occasion and let me know if what you are doing right now is supporting what you really want to be doing in life?

with love and light



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Sarah M.
Sarah M.
28 ธ.ค. 2563

I'm so happy you joined the Life in General community 😌 Welcome my friend


28 ธ.ค. 2563

Now I am a new member of your "community". My name is Jadran Vatovec and I am from Ljubljana/Slovenia. You know me from instagram as @lovewithauthenticity 🤗🙌🏻

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