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Back to Normal

Are we there yet? How much more till we get back to all things normal?

Since quarantining began back some 1500 (?) days ago, we have seen a million memes and posts about 2020 being cancelled. Even I was jokingly saying that I guess I won't be turning 20+20 because everything is closed or shut down.

We are all anxiously waiting to return to our normal lives and in some cases normal has resumed, this is perfectly fine - there's just one thing; I'm not sure what we will be returning to is still there and more importantly why should we. This could and should be a wonderful opportunity to let lose and revamp those areas in our lives we don't want to go back to.

Are you missing the human connection, seeing the world and enjoying life? Awesome, was your life that; truly? I mean were you waking up every morning thinking that 'wow I love my life and everything in it' or has that become an illusion because you're sick and tired of being in quarantine?

Maybe this is an opportunity to feel out some other path, dreams and goals you've put off for too long? Why should we go back to what didn't really feel the best, but was more of a feeling of fine.

I'm not saying to quit your job and move to another country, I'm encouraging you to really re-evaluate that where you left off at, at the beginning of quarantine is where you want to be in a month, a year, five or even ten? This is your sign to dive into that urge inside to explore what could be, instead of waiting for something magically to appear out of nowhere.

This whole ordeal has made the world feel like it's on hold; like we are just waiting for life to happen soon again, but quarantine doesn’t mean you should postpone living your life, or all your plans and dreams. In fact, putting your life on hold in the name of the pandemic may accomplish nothing but make you feel even worse. Life is meant to be lived regardless of these situations and like it or not this is our new normal, there really isn't any going back to normal.

Allow quarantine to make you get real with yourself on what’s important, because life really is short. If history is any indication, it’s clear that times like these can shine a spotlight on what we really need in our lives.

I think this is giving us the opportunity to get really clear on what matters most.


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