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An Open Love Letter

I love your energy, enthusiasm and passion for life. I love that about you.

Damn girl,

Even though you are still learning to love parts of yourself that are even hard to admit having, you haven't let an unfinished story be shamefully told by an unloving society which was disgracefully portraying you on their terms. Let's just say it how it is, you could smell their bullshit but you are a lot stronger than they realized.

You truly make an effort to blame no one, and look in the mirror, to be the good. Because you know that when we hide in the shadows we cage ourselves in, and bickering has never been a part of who you are. You are here to enjoy your life regardless of any phony ass vibes, baloney crap and lies.

Allow me to say that I am so proud of you for learning the language of your intuition, slowly fighting to be heard and saying your truest truth. I appreciate and admire the confidence and patience you have, it shows in the way you handle things, the way you take action and stick up for others. You're a type of superwoman, just as the world is changing, so are you.

You have purpose; an incredible ability to strive every single day to be in that loving mood. To want to make others feel better about themselves, that's top notch girl, you are the real deal. Your heart has deep intertwining roots and your mind is free with divine wings.

Even through you've been on quite a journey with all that you have endured, you have not soiled your soul or dimmed your light; you have gracefully let go of resentment and hate; you embody true elegance.

I cherish our silent moments and when we laugh out loud. I apologize for saying mean things to you and even sometimes doubting your worthiness, but you keep wearing those feelings mama, the eternal joy you just can't contain. It makes me smile to think I have something good to offer you, that sets my soul on fire.

With love, yourself Sarah


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