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Alternative Meditation

Whether you are going through short or prolonged times of stress and anxiety, exercise and meditation practices are known to help people maintain their mental and physical health. And while popular forms of meditation and mindfulness — like yoga is more talked about, there's another form of meditation that can easily be incorporated into every-day life, and I wanted to talk about it.

Mindful walking, a simple approach to mindfulness and meditation, can help you stay in motion while focusing on your body and the many ways it works to empower you.

Walking meditation is a simple approach to mindfulness that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine. As the name suggests, walking meditation gives you the opportunity to focus on the physical experience of walking, allowing you to become present and connect to what is happening in the here and now.

It’s perfect for a busy life since you're probably already walking a lot throughout the day, so all you’re doing is directing the mind you continue to do what you’ve always done.

Here’s how to do it:

  • As you walk, notice how your body feels.

  • Pay attention to how your legs, feet and arms feel with each step you take.

  • Feel the contact of your foot as it touches the ground, and the movement of your body as you move into your next step.

  • Now using your sense of sight, look around and try to notice every detail.

  • Using your sense of smell, notice any aromas or scents.

  • Are you able to notice any tastes as you walk? Can you taste the air?

  • Now using your sense of touch, notice the solidity of the earth beneath your feet.

  • With openness and curiosity, notice any sensations, thoughts or feelings that arise, without lingering on anything in particular.

  • If and when your mind wonders, just gently release those thoughts and come back to noticing how your body feels and start over.

The key is to not force anything, obviously it'll take time to relax those endless thoughts in your head, but slowly bringing yourself back to the basics will teach your mind and body to flow simultaneously.

You can mindfully walk anywhere, walking to work or school, walking through the grocery store.This can be done literally anywhere in the world, in nature, in a busy city or during your vacation in your hometown. There is no one right way to find your own path that works for you.

For me personally I always say that

a person who cannot relax in the city will never be able to truly relax among nature

Because to me true peace comes within regardless of our surroundings.

Life is a journey. Enjoy a little peace of mind on the path toward your destination.


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