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A Special Thank You to Someone Important

During the holiday season many of us look forward to finally getting a chance to relax and spend time with our family and friends. Schools close, many businesses either close or shorten their hours, and workers plan a little vacation to enjoy much-needed time off.

Some people though clocked in before Santa left the North Pole and won't be seeing their families until the festivities are over. To everyone who's been putting in hours since the beginning of the season and to those who will be at work on the big day, this thank you letter is to you.

Thank you to all the retail workers who have been wanting a day off since Black Friday. You've dealt with lines of angry customers yelling like little brats because they couldn't find what they wanted or some other silly reason, you did it all while keeping your cool (for the most of it). Thank you for putting in extra hours these past couple of weeks so that others can shop for their loved ones.

Thank you to the waiters and waitresses who will be going into work today; Christmas morning, ready to serve families who don't feel like cooking breakfast. You are giving up your Christmas morning so that others can enjoy theirs. I hope that your customers all realize this and are just as thankful as I am.

Thank you to all the public transportation workers and taxi drivers who are spending Christmas away from their loved ones at home so we can get to ours.

Thank you to all the emergency phone call responders who will be spending their holiday sitting in the stations, waiting for the call that one of us did something stupid. Whether it be the all-too-normal drunk driving accident or a Christmas tree up in flames, thank you for putting your holiday aside to make sure we stay safe during ours. Police officers, firefighters and EMTs put their lives on the line every single day, and Christmas Day is no exception.

Thank you to all the hospital staff who will be working long hours away from their loved ones while saving ours.

To everyone who will be clocking into work this holiday or any holiday for that matter, thank you for your time and sacrifice. It's never exciting leaving your family behind during such a meaningful time, but I hope it's comforting to know that someone appreciates what you do.

So today I want to express my gratitude to all the individuals who are unable to spend Christmas with their loved ones. All those who are keeping us safe, well and satisfied. I hope you get a chance to see your loved ones soon and enjoy quality time together.

You are truly appreciated.


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