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A Short Story

The path you had to travel to be here, at this moment, reading this right now has been defined by all the things and all the people and all the places you have cross paths with in this lifetime. The odds of us even being here, on earth are slim to nothing actually. Sperm meeting egg and creating you; this specific individual; Hi! Life is unpredictable and not always logical, but unique and incredible that's for sure.

Regardless of where you came from wanted, accident, planned or tubed your story belongs to you. Your ability to sense what matters is your privilege and you alone decide what kind of life is for you.

Find a way to fill your heart with gratitude and trust what feels right. Remember that life and love are defined by experience, therefore those who see it differently might not understand your choices. Your intuition will tell you where to look next.

Have courage to take the leap when you feel the nudge, not everything will feel comfortable but you will notice the worth as you move towards it.

Be curious and passionate, and do what makes you smile, even if you have to bend a few rules to get there. Stand up for those who need you and try not to stay in a place that only feels ok and content. Find allies who have your back and dance to the rhythm of you own drum.

Be playful, original and a little wild too. Allow yourself to be silly and the ordinary, extraordinary. Finding yourself and reinventing your life is not only for the young and unattached.

The bottom line is that there are countless ways to explore, create and live life, you are never stuck or welded to a certain kind of lifestyle. If there’s something that calls to you, do it. If you are not sure what you are looking for, lose yourself in something that just seems cool. Others might and will have advice for you, but it’s your adventure. Plan, be and do accordingly.

Above all else: Trust your gut.

Have you reached a point where life’s repetitious routine has become overwhelming? Is where you are now where you want to be? If not, let's do something about it.


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