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A Love Based on Friendship

Being in a relationship is amazing when it’s with someone you truly connect with.

It can almost feel as if they are an extension of you.

Being friends before lovers gives you a chance to find common interests with your partner, and it means you to have something to grow your relationship on.

As friends, you'll have gotten to know each other in a different way, which can help you both form a unique perspective

When you're friends, you're not looking to gain or prove anything and there’s a lot less judgement. Being friends allows you to casually come to know one another on a deeper, more meaningful level.

You've already had time to build up trust, which is a big foundation for any healthy relationship

Romantic relationships that are based on true friendship are often founded on trust and communication. And that's where many long lasting and thriving relationship secrets lie.

When you start from a friendship, it says something about the other person’s genuine interest in you as a person and their commitment to you.

The advantage of a solid friendship allows you to gather information on these important aspects before becoming too invested with often lasting consequences.

I know many people who broke up because they found out they don’t have as many things in common as they thought. Sometimes people breakup because they were bored of each other, because turns out that they were really different people with really different interests. Or sometimes finding common ground is such a struggle that moving forward together doesn't even make sense any more.

Finding someone that has similar interests to yours, and becoming friends with that person, allows you to grow into a romantic relationship more effortlessly, and in a lot of cases can help it last longer and flourish into a true life partnership.

This doesn't mean there isn't problems or arguments, it means that you are able to communicate and build a trusting relationship based on your history together regardless of your struggles.

You can have a friendship without romance, but you can’t have romance without a friendship.

I'm not saying that you should never date anyone you don’t really know, or that you should always become the other person’s friend before being a couple. I know that's not how things work in the real world.

But getting to know your partner or your future partner, not just as a lover, but an individual as a whole; and becoming their best friend, will help you both be happier and live a more marvelous life together.

In my opinion and what I have witness and experienced, couples who are both lovers and best friends; having a great deal in common and enjoying similar things, usually end up having the most fun doing the most mundane and random things (which most days are full of). They have a sense of real joy in their every day life that feels more exciting and fulfilling because of that unique friendship they share.


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