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Sometimes life tests our strength and patience. Through these inevitable troublesome times things in our lives can weigh heavy on our shoulders and hearts; sometimes it can feel overwhelmingly hard to shake.

I know that this happens to all of us and every new season of life brings new challenges.

This can be a great time to do a bit of unplugging and resetting. Wherever you are in your life right now maybe a reset for your mind can help you get back to a calmer and more positive place.

1. Find routine.

You might know this but I love routines (especially night time routines), and I also know how easy it is to fall out of them when life's schedules get in the way. When we fall out of habits we can start to get lazy like staying up too late or not eating well. I encourage you to get back into suitable routine and make it a priority again.

2. Be mindful of social media.

I love my social medias but we all know it can be a highlight reel, and sometimes seeing people’s perfectly curated pictures can make you feel worse about where are. It can also put unnecessary pressured to be, create or live a certain way. It's ok to steer away from social media for a while to clear your head-space.

3. Utilize your alone time.

I definitely value my alone time, I truly cherish being with myself relaxing, writing or reading. I really recommend taking time for yourself (schedule it if you need to) savor the time you have by yourself, it will recharge you like nothing else.

4. Be active.

Exercise and moving our bodies gives us endorphins, and you always feel like a better version of yourself after a workout, whether that’s a walk, dance or strength building. Exercise helps clear your thoughts and makes you feel accomplished. Add a 30-minute workout into your daily routine.

5. Listen to music (and sing along)

Music can be significantly therapeutic when you are struggling. I find that I feel more at ease when I have something playing in the background. Music can make you feel understood, creative, inspired, less alone, energetic, and purifying all at the same time. Never underestimate the power music.

6. Read.

I know I always rave about books and (writing journals) but it's because they've help me and I love them so much. I haven't been much of a fiction book reader, but sometimes when we overload our minds with information and techniques there can be something soothing and magical with some fascinating characters and settings. Fiction will encourage you to use your imagination in new ways, and I think that’s the perfect antidote to an overwhelmed mind.

7. Get more sleep.

This old thing again. But I can't say enough about good quality sleep. It really is the cure for everything. Obviously sleeping days on end can be a little too much but when you stay up late doing nothing particularly productive, you either wake up exhausted or wake up late. Start going to bed at a reasonable time, it will reduce unnecessary exhaustion and negative thinking.


I’d love to know how you get yourself back into a good space when you’re in a funk. Leave a comment below or on Instagram with any tips you have.


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