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10 Things To Ditch Before 2020

Time to pack it up.

I'm not a big resolution kinda gal but with the new year approaching, it’s great time to let go of any baggage that’s weighing you down and make space for new opportunities.

I know that on January first there are a bunch of people making resolutions and kick starting a new fresh me, but before you can charge into that new self, I recommend addressing the things that have previously hold you back. Otherwise, you risk falling into similar habits and chasing the same dreams without success.

If you are wiling and ready to make some space in your life; physically, mentally, and emotionally, here are 10 things you should let go of before the new year starts.

1. Bad spending habits.

How was this year for you in terms of money? Did you find yourself spending more than you should have; on things you don't really need? If so, it’s time to leave your bad spending habits behind. Look through your past spending history and see if there’s one area where you can cut down on. I'm not saying stop buying all together, I just want to encourage you to be more mindful when spending your money.

2. People on your timeline who drain your energy.

I've been nagging about this topic for ages now, your ears are bleeding (or maybe it's your eyes from reading my blogs) Cutting people out of your life is easier said than done, but it’s a lot easier to control on social media. If you are following people who anger you, make you feel jealous, or negative in anyway; unfollow them. If you can go beyond the timeline and cut out negative friendships and relationships in real life, that’s even better.

3. Fear of the future.

A lot us feel motivated at the start of a new year; full excitement. That being said, the new year can also be daunting. You might not have a solid plan or bucket list for your future, and things might feel more weary than ever. If you feel unsure of where you are headed or what the future might hold, don’t stress. Try at least.

When you imagine a whole year in front of you, it’s only going to cause you to panic. Instead, take things day-by-day and don’t feel like you have to have your whole life figured out before the new year starts.

4. The need to be busy.

These past years, self-care has been one of the most talked-about topics. I still don’t think we are truly taking self-care seriously enough; we're talking about it but not all of us are actually practicing it. A majority of us feel the pressure to stay busy, and yet somehow are simultaneously avoiding the things that should to be addressed. Let go of the need to be busy and embrace self-care to the fullest next year. Do you even know what self-care means to you?

5. Physical clutter in your life.

Physical clutter can have a huge impact on your mental state of being. If your space is scattered with things you don’t need, consider making some physical space for the new year. Get rid of clothes you’ve never worn, declutter your home, and create a peaceful environment around you.

6. Unused apps and contacts.

These days, everything and everyone is competing for your attention, are there a bunch of apps and contacts in your phone that you should get rid of? I understand that it might even feel emotional deleting old contacts, but know that you are making room for people that you are harmonizing with today. Now's the time to clear some space out of your handy dandy smartphone.

7. Criticism of what you didn’t accomplish.

Though the end of the year is a time to reflect on the good, it can bring up a lot of regrets and ‘should-haves’. If you look back on the goals you set at the beginning of the year and find that you haven’t accomplished them yet, don’t be too hard on yourself; you can start again. (Take a deep breath)

8. The need to be in control.

Stress happens when you feel like you are not in control. The hard truth is that you’re not in control of most things in your life. You can rarely predict how the next chapter of your life will play out, so avoid wasting your energy on trying to control everything. Accept that you cannot control the circumstances of your life, but you can control your reactions to the circumstances.

9. Your need to figure everything out.

We all seem obsessed with figuring our lives out ( I know I sometimes am), but have you ever met anyone who actually felt that way? Ready. I mean for real real, because nobody is ever truly ready and on track all the time. As put together as many may seem, it’s rare to find anyone whose life turned out the way they planned it. Instead of forcing yourself to try and ‘figure your life out’, give yourself a little space to let life happen for you. Amazing things happen when you least expect them. Getting frustrated because you haven’t figured things out isn’t worth it.

10. The belief that you won’t be successful.

When you tell yourself that you’ll never get anywhere, the chances of you getting anywhere are pretty slim. Use the time before the new year to reflect on the thoughts you have about yourself and your abilities. Your mindset plays a huge role in your success (whatever success means to you) so make this next year the year of believing in yourself. I have faith in you.

What are you letting go of for next year? I’d love to hear what your goals are and what you plan on letting go before 2020 rolls around. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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